A Chile Autumn Weekend @ Torres Del Paine

After finding a $32/night Airbnb rental, we decided to make Buenos Aires our home base for five weeks. It was well worth that to leave our giant backpacks there while going on excursions. Patagonia was our top priority since autumn temperatures would be dropping fast and the season’s first snowfall could come at any time. When the 10 day forecast for looked sufficiently dry, we packed our day bags and headed south.

We had three destinations in mind, the first of which was Torres del Paine in southern Chile. This place is remote; it is likely the furthest south we’ll ever be.  After a 3 hour flight, 5 hour bus ride and a 2.5 drive we finally arrived. And we were awed. Just look at the pictures, there are no filters, no touch ups; the landscape is magnificent. Then there are the stars — The Milky Way unfurled across the sky like a brilliant, shinny ribbon. And I couldn’t stop looking up.

We got extremely lucky in Torres Del Paine — fall foliage was at its peak, the park was relatively empty and we were treated to unseasonably warm, sunny, 55 degree days. Some day we’ll come back here and we’ll stay for more than a few days, but we have a whole lot to see, and for this trip things could not have worked out any better.