This Ain’t Graffiti: The Street Art of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is often called ‘the Paris of South America’. Old, French inspired mansions dot the city center. The mature trees that line the city streets were likely planted a hundred years ago when the country was one of the richest in the world. Those days are long gone, and while the city is still cosmopolitan, it is also gritty and edgy.

After Argentina’s economic crisis in 2001, aerosol cans became a popular medium to express discontent and an unexpected art scene developed.  Now, street art is everywhere — and it’s beautiful. It’s no longer limited to political commentary; there are murals of everyday life and scenes that make you chuckle. Locals support the artists and even comission pieces.

Taking walks was one of my favorite things to do in this city. You never knew when you’d turn the corner and see a masterpiece. I was constantly trying to walk down a new street, to explore a new neighborhood. I didn’t always have my camera phone with me, but I did manage to snap the photos in the slideshow below. More information on the Buenos Aires street art scene can be found by following these links.

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