Rio, quite possibly the world’s most beautiful city

If there is one city in South America worth prioritizing for your next vacation it is Rio. The city is a cosmopolitan paradise that combines beautiful beaches and outdoor adventure with great cuisine and fun nightlife. The views from top of Corcovado and Sugerloaf were so stunning that it felt like you were looking into a life-sized postcard. Our visit to Rio had the added benefit of being guided by our college friend Marina – who was gracious enough to host us at her apartment and serve as the perfect carioca. Her knowledge and love of the city has convinced us that we will make another trip to Rio in the future.

Top Attractions for Us:

  • Corcovado Mountain (huge statue of Christ at the top; panoramic views of the city; challenging hike for the more adventurous)


  • Ipanema Beach (quintessential Brazilian beach scene of dark tans, fit bodies and minimal clothing)


  • Sugarloaf Mountain (fantastic views of the beach and coast; friendly miniature monkeys will greet those who hike the first portion)

These monkeys were fearless and loved bananas!



  • Sunset stroll through Santa Teresa
  • Climbing the Escadaria Selarón, (a 20yr obsession of a Chilean artist to transform a dilapidated stairway into a world famous tribute to the people of Brazil)


  • Hang-gliding off Pedra Bonita (if you have the courage to run off the cliff, it is a serene ride back to the beach)
  • Carousing with friends and locals in one of the numerous pubs/brewhouses (Brazilians favor beer over wine and the selection of crafts is endless)


  • Strolling through the lush greenery at Jardim Botanico on a Sunday afternoon

Helpful Tips we Found

  • Transportation (buses, subway, taxis) are easy to navigate although they don’t cover the entire city
  • It’s a great walking city if you are relatively fit;  The city interweaves through mountain passes so there are many uphill climbs
  • Visa more popular than Mastercard;  ATM’s everywhere
  • We had no issues with crime.  It’s a big city; don’t look for trouble and you should be fine
  • Slightly more expensive then what we expected;  The Real was down versus the Dollar so that helped, but general the city was relatively expensive
  • Indulge in some fresh, pressed tropical juice, even off a pick up truck. It’s delicious


  • Take advantage of the numerous hikes, bike trails and running paths that Rio offers, they’re beautiful and you’ll look that much better on the beach!




4 thoughts on “Rio, quite possibly the world’s most beautiful city

  1. love the photo of Mark and the monkey. Must have made him think of life when Frankie was little. These photos are enticing but still South America for me holds little interest. I’ll take Europe any day. But that is just me. You guys were lucky to have a friend to act as tour guide and host. I’m enjoying your travels via the blog, so happy you are doing it.


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