Partying With Friends in Prague

One of the first thing you learn about the Czech people, and one of the first thing you can observe in Prague, is the peoples’ fondness of beer, food and music.  The relaxed and festive atmosphere is infectious and explains why the city is one of the top tourist and artist destinations across of Europe.  There is hardly a block that doesn’t have an array of bars serving craft brews, diverse cuisine options and live music.  Of course, these relaxing luxuries were enjoyed after visiting several of the historical landmarks that cover the Old City.  As one of the few capitals in Central Europe that was largely spared during WWII, Prague still has well maintained churches, synagogues, bridges and castles that date back more than a millennium.  Some of key attractions we visited included the Jewish Quarters, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and Old Town’s Astronomical Clock.

Prague’s reputation as a fun city made it the ideal location to meet friends.  Erin Cummins was ambitious enough to fly from NYC to join us first in Berlin and then in Prague (we truly appreciate the effort!).  Additionally, Jackson Corner native and current Eurosexual Justin Kjetsaa flew in from Amsterdam (it was nice to have Justin chase us around Europe for a change) and a mutual friend via Josh Frenzel Tone Kom resides just outside the city.  While we can thank Erin for sharing memorable tours, fun shopping excursions and great dinners, Justin and Tone can largely be blamed for two blurry evenings (many great laughs though!).  One traditional Czech restaurant that we discovered is worth mentioning – U Kroka.  It was located just outside the Old City boundary and every item on the menu was absolutely delicious.  We are not typically that particular about food, but this place was a memorable for the quality and value (several rounds of drinks and full entrées for 5 people came to less than $70!).

While nursing the parting hangovers Tone and Justin left us, we were lying around the apartment reflecting about Prague’s appeal for our friends who truly appreciate a good brew.  A few names who came to mind include Erik and Anne Frenzel, Ian Gilhooly, Steve Chesley and Brian Martell (a founder and owner of a microbrew in Saratoga, NY).  As fate would have it, Joanna noticed a Facebook post from Brian’s wife Natasa in Old City Prague that afternoon.  Through the convenience of social media, we connected in minutes and were enjoying the first of several drinks within two hours.  Considering that we get excited about chance meetings with friends in NYC, you can imagine the surprise of meeting friends randomly in Prague. Brian and Natasa were typically fun and adventurous and the unlikely circumstances made for one of our most memorable evenings on the trip.



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